Helical Alpha Code

Welcome to the Alpha Helical Vapourware Site

Helical? Yes, my code can be obfuscatory. Alpha? Yup. I haven't let myself let anything out of alpha yet. Code? It goes without saying . . .

The more I code, the more I think those of us who program have put something over on the rest of the world. While I don't at all represent these offerings as technically perfect, they are reasonably-polished, and were not incredibly difficult to implement. I'm glad the world at large hasn't realized how pedestrian a matter coding is: a good deal of my reputation would dissolve if they did.

While coding is on its own a pedestrian matter, it is no less an art form and a discipline. Just as anyone can smear watercolers on paper, so anyone can write a program. However, it takes an artist and an engineer (two concepts nowhere near mutually-exclusive, as the world would have you to believe) to write software well. It is to that plane I aspire.

This portion of the site is still in progress: many of the programs here are still in conceptual stages, a few may be production-grade, and most of them will provide some level of functionality and reliability to those who need them. Several pages are stubs, pending my actually uploading their associated source. Any questions, just contact me.

Note: Unless otherwise specified, all programs available on this website (alphahelical.com/code) are copyright 2005-2006 Keith Beckman, and are licensed under the GNU Public License v2.