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BLAserv: Blosxom-Like Article Serv

I didn't feel quite right calling this a blosxom clone. It doesn't really do what blosxom sets out to do, though in a "zen of cms" way, it does what blosxom would do, in its shoes.

BLAserv is an article management system which searches a directory recursively for articles. Subdirectories become categories, articles with the same name as their parent directory become category intro articles, and tables of contents for the current directory only are generated (since I really don't want every subcategory listed when I'm in a higher-level category).

It's currently in pre-alpha. Since I'm implementing it in PHP as a language-learning project, there's a lot of PHP-filesystem interaction new to me. As well, I'd like to make this relatively efficient . . . my whole reason for not just throwing WordPress or phpNuke at anything that looks like a content-management problem.

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