Helical Alpha Code

Contify Scaffold

Yup. You're looking at it. Contify is the script that drives this site. I actually wrote the bulk of it in an afternoon when I should've been doing real work. Oh, well . . . I like this better anyway! Source is forthcoming when it's standalone, rather than integral with the page. Oh, and it'll probably be *nix only, since I'm going to throw in a Bash script on a cron job to keep the navbar up to date.

Contify is a web design scaffold. Think of it as a geodesic dome from whose vertices you can hang pages like flypaper, ready and waiting to catch Google hits. Um, yeah.

What Contify does is allows you to maintain a table of contents for your website specifying an internal name for each section and each page, as well as displayed names, data locations, and links. It's not a heavy-duty CMS (since I can't stand such Juggernauts, and most people who use anything like Nuke or even WordPress don't need them): more of a Content Management Assistant than anything. You create content; you tell the script where it is and what it's called, and Contify shows it off.

A web interface to Contify's flat-file database is on the todo list. I might even write a DBA layer for it which would allow you to use either the defalt flat files or an ODBC-compliant database. However, the scalability of this system (small) really contraidicates any such necessity.