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templex engine

The Templex templating engine is what drives quite a few of my special-interest pages. The paradigm I was working with when I designed Templex is "the content calls the CMS". A short site configuration script sets up variables pertinent to the site and then calls the Templex engine.

The engine has its own set of defaults, so you could quite literally drop a content file and a config script into a directory and have a working page consistent in design with the remainder of your site. Not only that, the entire LAF of the site can be updated by working with a single set of templates.

Templex is still in alpha, but pending a complete codebase overhaul, it should be available here shortly.

July 22, 2006

I spent some quality time with the Templex codebase tonight, moving it from fragile "it-works-or-it-doesn't" code to something with nice, semantically- defined functions and rudimentary error-handling. I'm versioning it 1.1, since the previous was called 1.0. (Hmmm... I must've been feeling cocky that day... I never get into whole-number versions!)

So, my dream CMS is coming together, and soon it should be ready for the real world.