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comicget: comics.com client

comicget is a command-line and cronnable comics.com client. Now you can completely automate your comic reading, as well as avoid seeing ads. Ads give me the screaming jibblies.

comicget will automatically retrieve new comics on your list, date them, and file them carefully away. As well, it will open the last twenty-four hours'-worth of comics for you. (The recent comics feature is still in its infancy, as you cannot yet choose a date or comic to display; but hey, this is a retrieval tool, not a database!)

Just make sure you set all the relevant configuration variables to values appropriate for your system. In particular, $datadir, $open_command, $open_multiple, and of course $comics_list and $creators_list. If you don't obsess over keeping all the comics around, you could just set $datadir to /tmp and be done with it . . .

As yet, comicget only supports cURL as its user-agent. I plan to incorporate wget, lynx, links, and Expect/Telnet UA support eventually (as I did with tURL).

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