Cut Quill

A Smattering of WORDS

Welcome to the Cut Qill, a library of my prose. Do please find a chair and settle in. Dust off the shelves, ruffle the pages, and breathe deep the musty odours of Words. You may feast your mind on stories if you wish, or on "short pieces" — the only name I could come up with for such short bits of prose (since I refuse to use the term "prose poem", an oxymoron).

Of course, lines blur, and you may find something that smacks of a story under "Philosphy," and philosophical bits in with the "short pieces." For a true mix of philosophy and story, might I recommend "Lights" for you to start with?

I am a writer, in the most basic, primal sense. Writing is as much a part of me as hunting is to the wolf. By it I not only divert myself, but find my existence. In words, and in words only, do I find my true use.

Many of the pieces you find here are unpolished. Many will be incomplete. Several are what I might call "good", and it is for those that this site exists. In the midst of the uselessness that is life, some truly useful things originate. Some of them are mine.

Here's a cup of tea to have with your reading. Enjoy.

Credits: Background image © Lee Thomason