Cut Quill

Extracts from the Writings of Alex Palaguta

Alex Palaguta graduated from Pensacola Christian College in May 2004 with a major in Commercial Writing. As part of the requirements for graduation for that major, he compiled a portfolio of his work for public display at the college. The following were gleaned from that portfolio.
Extracts © Alex Palaguta

“He loved to stand by the shelves on every floor of the library, read books, and with the touch of his hands feel the appreciation from all the books; and to him it was like a taste of fresh honey in his morning tea.”

—“The Secret Life of the Old Library Janitor”

“I wish I was that farmer who in the early spring walks down his fields looking at the tiny green stems poking out [of] the ground praying that the late frost will not kill them. I envy him. I cannot do this in a city, for my life is like a spinning wheel, and I am a hamster.”

—“Walking Through the Cornfields”