Metadata about Keith Beckman

FOAFing the Universe

Well, semantically describing it, anyway. I have an occasional and intermittant interest in metadata and the so-called "semantic web" of machine-readable information. In my current phase, I've been trying to find ways to unambiguously describe myself, and that effort is reflected in my 'Friend-of-a-Friend,' or FOAF document.

I've recently, mostly to ensure that the FOAF itself remains relatively uncluttered, been attempting to relegate such segments as the foaf:currentProject section and the foaf:interest section to their own files where they can be treated in more detail. I'm not sure how well current RDF user-agents will deal with this, but each document attempts to be self-contained (referring to me as the subject of all these various triples, rather than leaving that to be "understood"), and as such could have been written, from the computer's perspective, by anyone about me.

Web-of-Trust authentication of the documents is next up, though I really ought to get my key signed by more people eventually.

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