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Keith Beckman's Home Studio

I'm still in the process of building my setup, but here's what it'll look like when I've gotten all my first components:


The main controller is a Fatar Studiologic SL-880 Pro, a beautiful weighted-hammer action keyboard. I bought it on good reviews however, and have yet to experience its feel. It's supposed to be quite realistic, however. As a controller, it's capable of some rather advanced MIDI operation, including aftertouch (channel aftertouch, true, but my current synth can't respond to aftertouch anyhow).

My other controller is an Apple PowerBook G4. I'll be experimenting with various sequencing software, starting, as is my wont, with the open-source Rosegarden.


The only dedicated synth right now is an E-Mu Proformance/1+ piano sample playback module. It was released in 1991, but fifteen years later it still has a couple of patches that haven't been much improved upon, dollar for dollar.

I'd like to get a good old Proteus 1 or a Darkstar . . .


  • Fatar Studiologic SL-880 Pro: Official manufacturer's site
  • E-Mu Proformance Links