Shropshire: A Library

Books You Seldom See

It all started when I tried finding the J.H. McCarthy translation of the Rubaiyat online. No such luck. Turns out, no one had yet bothered to digitize it. Anywhere. I said to myself, "Self, this is very odd. We must do something about it." So we did.

After a gleefully short hunt, I discovered that my then school, Pensacola Christian College, (I was still in undergrad then) had a copy of it in their rare book room. Now to get into the rare room . . .

After explaining my project in brief to the head librarian, I was given permission to use, with gloved hands, their copy of the McCarthy Rubaiyat in the library. I'll not bore you with the details of long hours spent in the library, half-asleep and slapping myself to stay away, while I typed hundreds of stanzas. Just know that I went to all that trouble for you with all the books available here. I hope you're happy.

Credits: Background image © Lee Thomason