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Welcome to the wordlinks poetry project.

wordlinks is a dynamic work of art. You may explore a vast — or becoming more vast, anyway — collection of my personal works word by word. Take each piece in context of the one which led you to it, and new interpretations will begin to coalesce. Well, what are you waiting for?

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The Wordlinks Museum
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The Wordlinks Poetry Project was a sort of pet project of mine. WPP is the page on which I cut my proverbial CSS eyeteeth: in fact, it was built tag by tag, property by property, as I discovered the meaning and semantics of every facet of CSS and wanted to incorporate it into the page. You can easily see it is the work of an amateur, but it was my first “site-in-a-box” — looking more like a piece of artsy “junque” mail than a web page.

Enough with this self-deprecation already! It was halfway-decent for a first CSS project, put together in four hours on a Greyhound bus from Aiken, SC to Savannah, GA (and in the bus terminal at Columbia, SC). The only real work I did after that was the addition of content (which, as you can see, never got quite finished. Content. Bah! Who needs content?) and cross-links.

There are two reasons I keep this around. First, I dislike anything disappearing from the web, especially since nothing really has to disappear for space constraints any more.

Second, it is an interesting proof-of-concept piece and portfolio piece, as a demonstration of the possibilities of massively-hyperlinked text. In this case, the goal was for every word in every poem to link to a poem with some related idea somewhere in it.

I do hope you enjoy your short stay at The Wordlinks Museum, and please do look around. The dusty old girl still has some secrets . . .